Mr. Kamal Dhuper, President of NIIT in China, NIIT VicePresident Mr.Xu Haifeng,andMr.DingLianming, NIIT Director of School-Enterprise Business Development in SouthChina visited our college for co-operational talks in the afternoon of October 22.

Our college President Mr. Wei Yingbin held a meeting with them in the conference room on the ninth floor of the Comprehensive Building. Teachers from IECC, School of Software Engineering , School of Animation and School of Network Engineering attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Mr. Kamal Dhuper gave a brief introduction to NIIT’s history, development and current situation. He particularly explained the projects NIIT conducted in several provinces of China including Hainan. President Wei Yingbin welcomed their arrival on behalf of our college and introduced our college’s history , our setting of majors and so on to them. He also proposed cooperating with NIIT under the“1+X”talent cultivation model. After that, Mr.Xu Haifeng gave a detailed presentation of the achievements made by NIIT home and abroad and its cooperation situations and models with Chinese universities.

After the meeting, Mr. Kamal Dhuper and his team visited the Practice Room of our Animation School and our History Museum accompanied by Shang Zhiqiang, Director of IECC and other teachers. Mr. Kamal Dhuper and his team highly praised the facilities and student works of the practice room.

NIIT is a leading Global Talent Development Corporation, committed to building a skilled manpower pool for global industry requirements. The company was set up in 1981 with its headquarters in New deli. It is the only Asia company in the list of IDC's top 20 IT training institutions in the world. In India, one in three software engineers is trained in NIIT. It is famed as the world’s biggest development center of educational softwares, teaching models and courses. It has three major business fields all over the world:training for enterprises,skills and vocational training and training for school students.