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Professor Shang Zhiqiang Gives Lectures in KUAS, Lithuania
Category:NewsFrom:IECC Author:Bin Hui Date:2017-05-10 11:41:21Browse times:

​Professor Shang Zhiqiang visited Kaunas University of Applied Sciences (KUAS) from April 1 - 22 to give lectures and carry out academic exchange activities. During his visit, he gave three lectures to teachers and students in KUAS. The topics included “Intercultural Communication of Business in the Context of Belt and Road”, Overview of China & Chinese Culture, and “Hainan ABC and Tourism - Resources in Hainan”. Students majoring in economic management and foreign experts taking part in the “International Week” attended the lectures and said “Professor Shang’s lectures are very interesting and beneficial to us since there are great chances that we will do business with Chinese people, so it is important to know more about China and Chinese culture.”Following a meeting between the management of KUAS and Professor Shang, KUAS decided to send two students to study catering at our college in September, and agreed to accept 4-6 exchange students from our college. KUAS will also send 8-10 teachers to take part in the November seminar on tourism and teaching held here in Qionghai. Professor Shang also visited Jonas Kasperavieius who studied in our college as an exchange student from September to February and is currently a third- year student in KUAS. Jonas’ home is located in Jonava, 30 kilometers away from Kaunas. It was snowing, but the atmosphere was very warm inside. After a nicely prepared dinner, Professor Shang had a warm talk with Jonas’ family. They are very satisfied with his experience in China, and are grateful for all the help and kindness he received at HNCST. “I hope all of you can go to China and study there.” Jonas’ father said to his other children.