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Cultural Outing to Bo ao
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On June 9, three Russian exchange students (Alex, Natalia, and Ksenia) from our college spent the morning visiting Bo’Ao Buddhist Temple. They were accompanied by four of the Tourism English Majors who acted as tour guides during their excursion.

Yang Bilang was the tour leader.  She led the littlegroup via public bus to the temple and back, providing information on Qionghai and the surrounding countryside. She also gave a short presentation at the temple’s turtle pond.

Luo Yamin welcomed the group to the temple complex, and gave a presentation at the main gate and also at the interior fengshui wall.

Zhang Yuelin took over and told them about the meaning and use of incense during Buddhist ceremonies.

Zhang Tian then took them to the 10,000 Buddha Pagoda, introduced Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, and also pointed out some of the surrounding sights from the upper floors of the pagoda.

Despite the heat and a bit of rain, they all enjoyed the tour, and are looking forward to next week’s trip to Wenchuan Town.