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HNCST Delegation Visits Kalmyk State University
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A three-person delegation led by Vice President Gui Zhanji from HNCST visited Kalmyk State University in Elista, Russia from June 1-June 5 to carry out exchange activities. 

Vice President Gui met with President Badma Katinovich and Vice President Vladimir Imeev of Kalmyk State University. They exchanged ideas on student and teacher exchange programs, the establishment of a Russian Cultural Exchange Center and cooperation in school management among other topics.  Later, they signed an official cooperation agreement and exchanged gifts.

During the visit, Vice President Gui visited international students from China and elsewhere studying there.  He watched student performances and visited the preparatory department and the electronic systems engineering department.  He also toured the Confucius Institute, the university library and the international students’ apartments.

Kalmyk State University attaches great importance to our college’s visit.  Local television and newspapers from Elista, Kalmykia interviewed Vice President Gui and reported his visit.

Located in Elista, the capital of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, Kalmyk State University is the largest university with the longest history in the republic.  The University was founded in 1970 on the basis of the Kalmyk Pedagogical Institute.

Our school maintains an active cooperation relationship with them under the background of “One Belt One Road” initiative. On December 14, 2016, Vladimir Imeev, Vice President of Kalmyk State University and Sodmon Namzhavin, President of the Confucius Institute,  visited our college and reached an initial agreement on student and teacher exchange programs and school management.