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HNCST Welcomes International Students of 2017 School Year
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The opening ceremony for international students of the 2017 school year was held on September 11.  The IECC director, administrative staff, Chinese teachers and international students, among whom 22 students were from Russia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Lithuania and 6 students from Taiwan, attended the event. 

The ceremony was opened with a singing performance by students majoring in the arts in our college.  After that, IECC director Shang Zhiqiang gave a welcoming speech.  He conveyed the cordial greetings from our college leaders to international students, and welcomed them on behalf of our institution.  He also gave a brief introduction to their campus life and expressed his expectations of them.

 Later, administrative staff, teachers and students gave brief introductions about themselves.  In their introductions, all the international students expressed their determination to learn Chinese and Chinese culture well, and to make more friends during their stay in HNCST.

“Now we’ve had a good opportunity to do that crossing colorful streets of Qionghai and admiring the landscape of a shining Southern Chinese sea. We stay here for a short period of time but we have very good impression of your city, HNCST and your country” Yuryevna, who is a second -year postgraduate student from Northern ( Arctic ) Federal University in Russia, said at the opening ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony, the attendees took a group photo together in front of the Dream Square in HNCST to record this beautiful moment.

According to the information provided by the IECC, there are 8 master’s degrees and 12 bachelor’s degrees among the international students.