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HNCST International Students Participate in the Sixth Annual “Qiongzhou Cup” Talent Competition
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The sixth annual “Qiongzhou Cup” talent competition for international students was held at Hainan College of Economics and Business on December 2nd.  Eleven higher educational institutions in Hainan sent twenty-two students, mainly from Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Indonesia, Cameroon and Ghana to participate in the event.

The contest included three parts:  a Chinese self -introduction and linguistic skills presentation; a Chinese talent show and a contestant’s national culture performance. The participants were dressed in traditional Chinese costumes while reciting famous Chinese poems.  For the Chinese talent show, most chose Chinese calligraphy, dance or cross talk, which are all typical of Chinese culture.

Under the coaching of Ms. Yuan Qinying and Ms.Ling Li who were in charge of preparing our students for this contest, our candidate Tukhtaboev Ghafujorn won the third prize.  Tukhtaboev Ghafujorn is from Tajikistan, and this is his first visit to China to learn Chinese.  During the contest, he recited the Chinese poem “A Tree that Blossoms”, performed the Mongolian “Swan Goose” dance, and then presented  the traditional dance of Tajikistan.  

The “Qiongzhou Cup” talent competition for International Students is organized annually by the Education Department of Hainan Province to promote the exchange and sharing of different cultures, to motivate international students in learning Chinese, and to help spread Chinese culture and friendship.