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A Letter of Appreciation from Lithuania
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​​On May 4th of 2018,  the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences (KUAS),Lithuania, sent a letter of appreciation to the Education Department of Hainan and to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Lithuania expressing their gratitude for these two organizations’ support of the partnership and cooperation between the KUAS and the Hainan College of Software Technology (HNCST) 

The letter briefly described the collaborations between the two institutions and touched on the major accomplishments realized thus far. The KUAS also expressed its appreciation for the efforts and contributions made by the leadership and teaching staff of the HNCST and affirmed their desire to further strengthen its partnership with our college  and to promote a deeper friendship with the people of China.

Since March of 2013 the HNCST has participated in a collaborative relationship with the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences (KUAS), the foremost professional university in Lithuania. The concerted efforts of the two institutions have resulted in the establishment of a variety of collaborative programs, primarily focusing on  guest teacher visits and student exchange.

The most remarkable result to come of this partnership is the creation of a Teacher Training Program in Tourism and Hotel Management in the Context of the Belt and Road, made possible by the support of the Education Department of Hainan.The program ran from November 24th to December 1st of 2017. Seven teachers from the KUAS attended the program, led by their Vice President ANTANAS VAIDELYS.