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IECC Director Visits Russian Education Institutions
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From the 24th  to 30th  of September 2018,  Professor Shang Zhiqiang, IECC Director of our college, participated in Hainan higher education institutions’ visits to the institutions in Russia in promoting student recruitment and admissions.

On September 26, “The Symposium of Studying in China & Introduction of Higher Education Institutions in Hainan”, cohosted by Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in the Russian Federation and Hainan Education Department was held in the multifuncational hall on the 4th floor of the former organization. About 300 people attended this event, including representative from Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, teachers and students from universities and secondary schools, representatives from Confucius Institutes, international graduates from China and so on. During this symposium,Mr. Shang Zhiqiang made a presentation about the college, the international education, the majors we have for international students and the advantages of international education in HNCST. Attendees showed great interest in studying in Hainan and representatives of some local universities talked with Mr. Shang Zhiqiang and expressed their wish to establish a cooperative relationship with HNCST.

During the promotion in Russia, the delegation made promotional presentations in No. 1329 School and No. 1948 School in Moscow, visited Moscow University and had cooperative talks with the management. The delegation also visited Shesroletsk City Hall in St. Petersburg as well as other institutions and educational departments.The delegation would receive a warm welcome wherever it visited. The reception schools even held big ceremonies and performances combing local characteristics and Chinese elements to show their talents and interest toward China. The interaction between the delegation and local teachers and students was remarkable and a lot of students said they are interested in studying in Hainan.